Making the most of your New Year’s resolutions

By Jen Denys, B.A., CHRP, CPC
The Right Path Consulting Group

The beginning of a new year presents a whole spectrum of possibilities. It has become customary to make promises to ourselves as we turn the pages of a new calendar. More often than not, New Year’s resolutions become desires that we never really fulfill rather than the beginning of a new chapter in life. Why is that? It certainly isn’t because our goals lack merit. Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, spending more time with family, exercising more, finding a life partner and saving for a vacation. So, how can we make the most out of our resolutions?

As a coach, it is my job to support my clients in successfully reaching their goals. It is my pleasure to offer the following 10 professional tips to help you succeed with your new year’s resolutions:
1. Assess your values. This thing you want to do or not do, why is it important to you? How does it fit into your life?
2. Cast a vision. What will it feel like to be successful? What would it look like? How will you know if you have reached your destination? Can you measure it?
3. Beware of the “should.” When we say we should do something motivation comes from outside of ourselves, which is less powerful. Ask yourself who are you doing this for? Your best chance for success is to take action for yourself.
4. Utilize positive affirmations. Some of you might be skeptical about this one – honestly, I used to be as well. However, there is a lot of power when you can wake up each day and begin by mentally or verbally affirming your beliefs about who you are, what you expect of yourself and what you believe about the universe.
5. Set small goals. Have you ever watched an ant farm? Each small ant will carry one grain of sand, not concerned with what his brothers are doing. Within a short amount of time the colony as a team has c