Welcome to summer

Advice from Mom
By Rita Lessard

Finally, summer has arrived and all of the children have completed another school year. Hopefully all the students had a successful year and will enjoy the summer.
The parents, on the other hand, have the unenviable task of keeping all of those kids occupied. Most mothers work, so they have the big job of sending the kids to babysitters or camp or whatever other programs are available. Fortunately, I was able to be a stay at home mom for quite a few years so I could enjoy the summers with the boys.
For a few years, we had a day program called SPARKS run by Steve Wuerth and Lynn Farquhar. These two young people were the finest I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Their skills as organizers and entertainers were phenomenal. The kids had a very fun time playing sports and games, doing crafts and going on field trips. The cost was minimal, so nobody felt it was a hardship to participate. I volunteered my services when I could and had a fun time doing so.
My guys were always kept busy; they never said they were bored. Maybe they were smarter than the average bear because anyone who complained of boredom was put to work. Perhaps those people, considering the busy hot summers we used to have, looked forward to going back to school in September. Like that ever happened. That said, sometimes I think kids would prefer to be in school because they never say they’re bored there. Why do we subject them to all of the time that they have to stay home; after all, the poor darlings must be bored out of their minds.
There are so many good things to do in the summer, if and when we get it. I think it’s a little late this year because I haven’t seen too many really hot days yet. Maybe it will last a little longer this year, say past November.
I look forward to summer food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and because we can be more active, we don’t tend to gain as much weight. I’ve often heard the expression, “give me a ball park figure,” and thought it meant a rough idea of the cost of something, so I was quite amused when my friend said her husband had quite a ballpark figure, meaning he was quite chubby because he loved hot dogs and beer. Who would have thought?

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